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Oftentimes, being pregnant presents many challenges for women. Expecting mothers and fathers want nothing more than to have a healthy child and an uncomplicated, easy delivery. Mothers typically do all they can during the pregnancy to further this goal of having a healthy child. Unfortunately, pregnancies can be met with a host of complications and issues for the mother.

One of the more common complications associated with being pregnant is morning sickness and nausea. The symptoms associated with morning sickness can be severe and painful. In fact, statistics show that three-quarters of all pregnant women suffer from nausea and/or morning sickness during the first trimester. To alleviate or treat morning sickness, physicians can prescribe a variety of treatments and medications.

A common prescription drug known as Zofran, which historically has been used off-label to treat morning sickness, may cause serious birth defects such as heart malformations, kidney malformations, facial defects, including cleft palates, as well as other physical abnormalities. Zofran, also known by the generic name ondansetron, is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Zofran is approved to treat nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy or surgery but it has not been approved for use by pregnant women to treat morning sickness.

Several recent studies found a scientific connection between the mother’s use of Zofran during pregnancy and an increased risk of birth defects in children. Specifically, researchers determined in a January of 2012 study that children delivered by mothers who took Zofran while pregnant were at a higher risk for having facial defects such as cleft palates. Then, Swedish researchers determined an increased risk of heart defects, including septal heart defects, associated with a mother’s use of Zofran.

GSK has faced claims by the United States accusing the company of promoting Zofran for off-label usage such as to treat morning sickness by pregnant mothers. In 2012, these claims were resolved in a civil settlement. However, none of the claims by the US Government compensated the children that were born with birth defects. You must act on your own to protect your rights and pursue an injury claim arising from the use of Zofran.


The attorneys at Hollis Wright Law Firm are currently representing parents in Alabama and throughout the Country that have a child suffering from a birth defect following the mother’s early prenatal exposure to Zofran. If your child suffers from birth defects and/or physical abnormalities, Zofran may be the cause if the mother was taking the medication during her pregnancy. Please contact one of our attorneys today for a free consultation concerning whether Zofran caused your child’s birth defects.

The Zofran attorneys of Hollis Wright will work hard to get you and/or your child the compensation that you deserve as a result of these birth defect injuries. However, time is of the essence. Many parents did not realize that Zofran might be the cause of their child’s birth defects until recently and many years have gone by since the child was born. Trying to gather evidence and documentation to support your claim at this late juncture can prove difficult so don’t wait, hire an attorney today so that your claims can be properly preserved and pursued in court.

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