Aggressive Driving Car Accidents

In a recent year, AAA reported that nearly 80% of motorists in the United States admitted that they have been angry with other drivers on the road. In some cases, they admitted that they have been angry with other drivers on the road. Drivers even admitted to the fact that the anger elevated to incidents of aggression or road rage while driving. While this behavior is three times more likely to occur in men than in women, such acts of aggression while driving creates real danger to all on the road at the time of the aggression.

Frequently associated with anger, aggressive driving puts the lives of other people in danger and can spark serious disagreements between drivers on the roadways. Strong emotions, unstable moods, impatience, and more can cause people to drive erratically and place many at risk. In Alabama, this behavior could be considered reckless driving under Alabama Code Ꞩ 32-5A-195. This code section states that anyone who "drives a vehicle carelessly and heedlessly in willful or wanton disregard for the rights or safety of persons or property, or without due caution and circumspection and at a speed or in a manner as to endanger or be likely to endanger any person or property, shall be guilty of reckless driving." Anyone convicted of reckless driving is subject to a fine and/or jail time.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed by the acts of an aggressive driver, contact the Alabama aggressive driving accident attorneys at Hollis, Wright & Clay, P.C. immediately. Our attorneys can help you recover damages for lost wages, medical bills, emotional distress, and more. You can call us at 844.LAW.TALK or 205.324.3600 or online here.

Aggressive Driving Behaviors

Alabama's roadways are dangerous enough without placing angry and aggressive drivers in the mix. Aggressive driving could easily be caused by long commutes, traffic congestion, driver mood disturbances, issues with other drivers, and more. Aggressive driving behaviors include:
  • Speeding,
  • Honking,
  • Tailgating,
  • Running red lights,
  • Failing to obey stop signs,
  • Passing illegally,
  • Failing to yield right of way,
  • Erratic and unsafe lane changes,
  • Ignoring signals from other drivers,
  • And more.
These behaviors, especially when a driver is emotionally distraught or angry, can easily cause dangerous traffic accidents. Should you encounter an aggressive driver, keep your distance, as they often attempt to provoke other drivers. Additionally, heed the below advice:
  • Get out of the way and remain a safe distance from the aggressor,
  • Ensure all passengers are wearing seat belts,
  • Do not challenge or engage the aggressive driver,
  • Do not accelerate,
  • Ignore all gestures and comments,
  • Avoid all contact, and
  • Call 911 if you feel threatened or in danger.
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According to AAA, some 55% of fatal crashes involve drivers who are acting in an aggressive manner. Aggressive driving was also a primary factor in a majority of non-fatal accidents. Unfortunately, injuries and fatalities due to aggressive drivers are increasing every year, which results in devastating losses to many families throughout Alabama.

If injured by an aggressive driver, it is vitally important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible after you have addressed your medical needs. Our attorneys will be sure to recreate the timeline of the accident using internal and external investigators in an effort to ensure you are compensated for your injuries, trauma, and medical bills.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in an accident involving an aggressive driver—or in any other type of accident—call the Alabama aggressive driving accident attorneys at Hollis, Wright & Clay, P.C. at 844.LAW.TALK or 205.324.3600. You may also contact us here. Consultations are always FREE and confidential. And you pay nothing unless we recover for you.
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