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Changes coming to Alabama motorcycle licenses?

Motorcycle enthusiasts often look forward to the spring and summer, because this means that they will have more opportunities to head out on area roadways. Experienced motorcyclists know that they need to remain alert each time they go out for a ride, because if an accident happens, it almost always means that the rider will suffer serious injuries.

In many states, drivers must undergo specific testing, including a skills test, before they will receive their motorcycle license. However, Alabama does not require individuals to need additional examination before receiving permission to operate a motorcycle. Anyone who has a regular driver's license is allowed to drive a motorcycle within the state. A new bill was proposed this legislative session that tried to change these requirements, in an effort to reduce the number of motorcycle accidents happening statewide.

The proposal required motorcyclists 19 and under to take a test and pay a fee to receive the M class endorsement. Those cyclists over 19 would simply need to pay the dues associated with the requirements in order to receive the M class on their licenses.

Officials hope that this will lead changes in the future, which could mean that riders will need to pass skills tests before being licensed. They stress that these changes are necessary to improve safety for motorcyclists and other vehicles on area roadways.

Motorists and motorcyclists can also take steps on their own to help prevent these serious accidents from occurring. Drivers of cars and trucks should always check their blind spots before changing lanes, because it can be difficult to see motorcycles that may be alongside their vehicles. Additionally, drivers need to be sure to give motorcycles the room they need to perform any necessary maneuvers. It can take some time for motorcycles to stop, so never pull out in front of an approaching motorcycle.

Motorcyclists should always wear a helmet that meets standards set by the Department of Transportation, to protect themselves in the event that they do happen to get into an accident. Riders may also want to wear other protective gear, including clothing with reflectors, which may make it easier for other motorists to see them more clearly.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be eligible for compensation for your injuries. Speak to an experienced personal injury attorney to learn more about the options that are available in your situation.

While you may be struggling to recover from serious injuries, it is important that you understand the true extent of your injuries and the necessary treatment expenses before you resolve your claims. Once you settle with the negligent parties, you may be unable to recover for any other complications that may arise.

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