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Technology Business Successful In International Commercial Arbitration Tensor Technology, Inc. v. Ebco Technologies, Inc. -- Commercial Arbitration Proceeding in Jefferson County, Alabama

Tensor researched, patented and developed contraband detection systems for airports throughout the United States. These systems would significantly increase security and ease airport travel delays by quickly and accurately detecting the presence of bombs and contraband in packages and luggage. After proof of science occurred using equipment from the University of Kentucky, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded a grant to Tensor to operate a test bed facility at Auburn University between 1999 and 2001. Tensor hired a company in Canada (i.e., Ebco) to build such technology.

The technology was built by Ebco negligently, defectively and inconsistent with the agreed specifications. Among other things, Tensor lost many business opportunities due to the defective work by Ebco.

Judgment for Tensor in the amount of $17,308,000.00 in September 2005.

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