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The City of Decatur, known as “The River City” due to its proximity to The Tennessee River, is located in North Alabama. With a population of some 56,000, Decatur is a mid-size city that is in Morgan County. Decatur is Morgan County’s largest city as well as its county seat. The top three employers in Decatur are General Electric, Decatur City Schools and Decatur General Hospital. Additionally, the Port of Decatur is the busiest river port on the Tennessee River, allowing a host of Fortune 500 companies, including Meow Mix, to open plants in the city.

In addition to its business attributes, Decatur is known for the Alabama Jubilee, the second-oldest hot-air balloon race. The event originated in 1978 and is a huge draw for the city, causing the population to rise to near 100,000 during the event. Decatur is served by Huntsville International Airport and Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. Major highways include Interstate 65 and U.S. Highway 31.

Decatur Automobile Accident Statistics

According to the Alabama Transportation Director, Morgan County had a total of 3,132 auto accidents in 2013, which included 17 deaths and 886 injuries. The City of Decatur itself recorded three deaths, 507 injuries and 1,911 total accidents. These statistics highlight the fact that Decatur residents, visitors and those passing through Morgan County are susceptible to serious auto-related accidents and injuries.

If you are injured in an automobile accident, then it is imperative that you see a doctor and have your injuries documented and recorded by a medical provider. The automobile insurance companies evaluating automobile accident claims will not simply take your word that you were injured. If medical records don’t exist concerning the claimed injuries, then the insurance companies will reject such a claim as a matter of course. After you receive medical treatment, then you should immediately contact a Decatur car accident lawyer for advice on how to go forward with your claim.

Getting Help from Trusted Attorneys

The car accident attorneys at Hollis, Wright, Clay and Vail, P.C., located conveniently in Central Alabama, often represent those injured in accidents in Decatur and its surrounding areas. Our attorneys are skilled in obtaining the compensation you deserve if you or a family member has been hurt or killed in an automobile accident. The laws of the State of Alabama dictate that you are entitled to be compensated and claim damages, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional distress. Permanent injuries are entitled to just compensation as well.

Experience Matters

Hollis Wright law firm has been serving Alabamians for 15 years and the Decatur car accident lawyers that make up the firm boast more than 100 years of combined practice experience handling automobile crash cases. Our attorneys evaluate each automobile accident case thoroughly and with care to get you the best possible outcome and the compensation you deserve. Our law firm routinely commits significant financial resources towards investigating and recreating accidents in order to determine who was at fault and exactly what happened. If you or a family member has been injured or killed in an auto accident, please contact us at 844-529-8255 for a free and confidential consultation. Our car accident lawyers serve Decatur and surrounding areas and handle all cases on a contingency-fee agreement, meaning we don’t receive payment unless we successfully recover money for you and your family.

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