Fire and Burn Injuries

Every year in the United States thousands of people die in fires and tens of thousands are injured. Unfortunately, many of these deaths and injuries are preventable. Our attorneys have represented many individuals and families who were catastrophically injured or lost family members as a result of fires that should have never started or should have been detected in time to avoid tragedy.

In these cases it is very important to consult with an attorney quickly. Fire scenes are very delicate and critical evidence can be destroyed or disappear if not examined, documented and preserved immediately. Often, insurance companies and potential defendants have their own investigators on the scene before the fire has burned out. Our attorneys frequently work with some of the foremost fire investigators and safety experts in the world, involving them from the outset of our cases.

Our experts will investigate how the fire started. Sometimes the fire has been caused by defective product or an improperly installed device. This may result in a claim against the manufacturer, distributor or installer of the product or device. We will also examine how the fire developed. Depending on the type of fire, how it grows, and how long it takes; there may be claims involving the failure to detect and warn of the fire. An example is that ionization smoke alarms, the most common residential smoke alarms, do a very poor job of detecting slow smoldering fires. Slow smoldering fires are the most dangerous type of fire because they can develop while people are asleep. Photoelectric detectors do warn of these deadly smoldering fires and have been available for over thirty years, yet the smoke detector manufactures have not adequately educated consumers about the importance of this technology.

Many property owners have a legal duty to provide certain fire protection measures. Examples are owners of apartment complexes and hotels. These entities are responsible for injuries resulting from the failure to provide these required protections.

Fire and burn injury cases can be very complex. Defendants often have limitless resources at their disposal to fight such claims. Sadly, these defendants frequently blame the victim to avoid responsibility. Our attorneys are experienced dealing with these strategies. We are familiar with and make use of the latest fire science technologies, including computer fire modeling and forensic toxicological analysis, in pursuing our clients' claims.

Injured fire survivors may face a lifetime of pain, suffering and disability. Burn injuries, in particular, can have extreme consequences for victims and their loved ones. Victims will greatly benefit from having attorneys experienced in dealing with and seeking recovery for these injuries.

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