Fort Payne, Alabama Personal Injury Attorneys

A personal injury claim is a legal action that seeks to compensate the injured victim of an accident caused by another person’s negligence, misconduct or carelessness. The claim seeks to recover money damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, mental anguish, emotional distress, permanent impairment, scarring, disfigurement and other damages attributable to the accident. Under Alabama law, the negligent party is responsible and liable for covering the costs associated with the personal injury of the victim. In most cases, the recovery falls under the at-fault party’s insurance company. This means that while your claim is technically against the at-fault party, an insurance company providing liability coverage to that person or party will step in and pay the claim on their behalf.

The Fort Payne personal injury attorneys at Hollis, Wright & Clay, P.C. will take on the at-fault party’s insurance company to ensure they pay the maximum amount for your damages. The insurance company will have attorneys of their own and will try to pay you as little as possible. Fort Payne, although a smaller city with about 15,000 citizens, is not immune to the wide variety of personal injuries that plague the entire state, as well as the country. If you want to receive maximum compensation for your injuries, then it is imperative that you hire an experienced personal injury attorney on your side to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Why Should You Hire Hollis Wright to Represent You?

Statistics show that injured victims who hire an attorney consistently get significantly more money than those who try to represent themselves. Moreover, there are many more issues to address in a personal injury case besides just arriving at a total settlement amount. For instance, most medical bills are paid by a private health insurance company, Medicare or Medicaid. The interests of Medicare, Medicaid and/or a private health insurance company have to be considered and protected in every personal injury case. These companies or entities have reimbursement rights related to your claim. The Fort Payne personal injury attorneys at Hollis, Wright & Clay, PC have decades of experience negotiating, reducing and sometimes completely eliminating these reimbursement rights which in turn puts more money in our client’s pocket.

If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own in Fort Payne, Dekalb County, or anywhere in the northeastern part of Alabama, call the experienced Fort Payne personal injury attorneys at Hollis, Wright & Clay, P.C. Our attorneys routinely practice in this area of Alabama and have litigated and tried many cases in Dekalb County. We are very familiar with the people of Dekalb County as well as the judges that preside over personal injury claims. Further, our attorneys are well versed in Alabama personal injury law and handle large insurance companies on a daily basis. You can reach us for a free and confidential consultation online here or at 205.324.3600 or 844.LAW.TALK.

How Much is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

The value of any given personal injury claim varies greatly based on the unique facts of each case. There is no way to quantify the value of your accident claim until your attorney begins investigating, creating an accident timeline, and looking at the medical records and bills associated with the accident and your injuries. Factors that go into calculating the financial recovery you are due include medical expenses and lost wages, as well as damages like emotional distress and pain and suffering. One big factor that influences the value of your claim is whether you sustained a permanent injury and if so, what part of the body is permanently injured. Sorting through a case and determining value is complex, time sensitive, and best handled by an attorney. Allowing an attorney to handle all of this for you gives you the time to heal after your injury without worrying about handling the insurance companies.

Hiring the Right Personal Injury Attorney is Critically Important

Hiring the right personal injury attorney for your case is paramount to success. In addition to being well versed in Alabama personal injury law and working with large insurance companies on a daily basis, our attorneys are incredibly skilled and experienced in litigating lawsuits and going to trial if necessary. Attorneys that lack experience or those afraid of the courtroom are not the type of attorneys that you want to handle your claim. Our attorneys have achieved some of the largest settlements and verdicts in the State of Alabama and will go the distance on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve. For a list of some of our settlements and verdicts click here.

One easy way to vet your attorney is to ask the following questions.

  1. Do YOU PERSONALLY handle and try cases every day?
  2. Do YOU PERSONALLY have a track record close to 100% for winning those cases you accept, handle and try?
  3. And, give me 3-4 examples of cases YOU PERSONALLY have litigated over the last 2 years where you had a substantial result for your client.
Fort Payne Personal Injury Attorneys Here for You

The Fort Payne personal injury attorneys at Hollis, Wright & Clay, P.C. are here for all of your personal injury needs, whether it be a car accident, truck accident, slip and fall, product liability, medical malpractice, workers compensation or any other personal injury. We have served Alabama for more than 20 years and have handled many cases in the Fort Payne and northeastern Alabama area. We are here to serve you and will fight for your rights under Alabama law to be compensated fairly and justly for your injuries. Don’t fight insurance companies on your own. Contact us online here or at 205.324.3600 or 844.LAW.TALK.

Client Reviews
"I, along with dad and family, want to thank your law firm for all that you did for us in representing my dad in his case. We were very satisfied with the settlement and the overall efforts by your firm. We also think that you and your staff made the process seem calm and smooth, yet professional. We could not have asked for a better attorney -- we would recommend you and your firm to anyone needing your expertise. Thanks so much for everything!!!" D. Hayes and C. Griffin, Clay County, AL
"Mr. Clay, I want to express my gratitude to you for agreeing to take my case. I know that I contacted your law firm with a fast approaching statute of limitations and some really significant challenges in proving my case. Thanks for the time, work, research and energy that you put into my case and for helping achieve a successful outcome. Peace and blessings to you and your family." V. Daniel, Philadelphia, PA
"The team at Hollis Wright were there for my husband when no one else would take his case. Not only did he work hard and recover money that we were owed. Without the help of Hollis Wright, we couldn't have afforded the care my husband needed and I would have lost him much sooner. We'll always consider you a part of the family." Donna B. Jemison, AL