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Guntersville, often referred to as Alabama's Lake City, is located at the southernmost point of the Tennessee River and is surrounded by Lake Guntersville. The city is 42.4 square miles, 24.4 of which is land and 17 of which is water. The most recent census recorded some 8,200 citizens and nearly 3,400 families as permanent residents, bringing the population density to 347.3 people per square mile.

Lake Guntersville, along with the mountain and water views, is the city's primary draw and the largest lake in Alabama at 69,000 acres. Bass anglers from all over recognize Lake Guntersville as one of the best in the country, and researchers say it's the third best fishing lake in the United States. The lake is managed by the Tennessee Valley Authority.

The city is served by one school system, which includes two elementary schools, one middle and one high school. The median income is around $38,000, with the median household income at some $58,000.

Although Guntersville is a small city, its citizens and visitors are susceptible to a wide variety of personal injury events, including car accidents, workplace injuries, dog bites, slip and falls, and a host of other occurrences. Because Guntersville is surrounded by Lake Guntersville, there are many personal injury accidents that frequently occur on the water, including boating accidents, jet ski and personal watercraft accidents, drownings and other water-related injuries. If you or a loved on are injured or killed as a result of an incident in the Guntersville area, don't hesitate to contact us or call us at 205.324.3600 or 844.LAW.TALK for a FREE consultation.


After an injury-causing event, those in Guntersville, or anywhere in Alabama, should seek legal advice as soon as possible from the Guntersville personal injury attorneys at Hollis Wright Law Firm. Before hiring a lawyer, however, it is critical that you address your medical needs first by getting medical attention and treatment. It is important to get evaluated by a medical professional for your own safety, as well as to ensure all injuries are recorded and documented. Without this documentation, your attorney will have a much more difficult time proving the full extent of your injuries and getting the compensation you deserve. Additionally, hiring an attorney as soon as possible ensures the investigation into the incident begins immediately. Further, it will enable your attorney to speak with witnesses early in the process while the events are fresh in their minds. Also, Alabama has a statute of limitations on all personal injury cases. If you don't act quickly and get your lawsuit filed before the expiration of the applicable statute of limitations, your claim will be barred and you will not receive any compensation for your injuries and losses.

For these reasons, you should receive medical attention first, and then contact the competent Guntersville personal injury attorneys at Hollis Wright Law Firm for a FREE consultation.


Should your personal injury claim meet all the necessary criteria to be viable, Alabama state law allows you to be compensated for lost wages, emotional distress, mental anguish, medical bills, pain and suffering, permanent injury, disfigurement, scarring and work restrictions. Should you or a family member be injured, killed, or permanently disabled through no fault of your own, it is important to seek legal advice immediately. The Guntersville personal injury attorneys at Hollis Wright will ensure you receive what you deserve from the insurance companies. Our attorneys have years of experience practicing law in the Marshall County courthouses and welcome the opportunity to represent you.


The attorneys at Hollis, Wright, Clay & Vail, P.C. have a combined legal experience of more than 150 years and are well versed in the intricacies of Alabama state law as it pertains to accident and injury. Our attorneys invest much time, money and resources in each case we handle in an effort to ensure our clients receive the compensation they deserve. We will prepare each case, using our own investigators and outside consultants, as if it will go to trial, even though many personal injury cases settle out of court. Contact the Guntersville personal injury and accideent attorneys at Hollis Wright for a FREE consultation and case review as soon as possible. Don't let insurane companies take advantage of you or your family. You may also call us at 205.324.3600 or 844.LAW.TALK.
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