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Industrial and Construction Accident Case Results

Man Injured by falling scrap box/Work Place Safety - Donald Hodge, et al. v. Nucor Steel, et al. Civil Action Number 2004-109 in the Circuit Court of Morgan County, Alabama.

Donald Hodge, an employee of Levy/Decatur Mills Services, was operating a 988G Caterpillar loader at Nucor Steel in Decatur. Nucor Steel required Levy to remove a scrap box from their furnace. An employee of Nucor lowered a scrap box onto the bucket of the 988G loader Donald Hodge was operating. The chains that were attached to the scrap box did not release and Mr. Hodge exited the 988G loader to release the chains. During the process of releasing the chains, the scrap box slid off the bucket of the 988G loader, pinning Mr. Hodge's right leg beneath it. Mr. Hodge sustained a crushing injury to his right leg which required amputation below the knee and caused him to be permanently disabled and unable to return to work operating the 988G loader. Plaintiff claimed that Defendant Nucor Steel was negligent in that they did not have a safe procedure for removing the scrap box, and the Defendant countered that the procedure they used in removing the scrap box was safe.

Part of the settlement was confidential. The non-confidential portion of the settlement was for $600,000.00.

Man Struck by Dump-Truck Door/Work Place Safety - Michael Dennis Reed, et al. v. Waste Away Group, Inc., et al. Civil Action Number 2004-125 in the Circuit Court of Etowah County, Alabama.

Dennis Reed was working as a dump truck driver delivering his load to a landfill owned by Defendant Waste Away Group, Inc. Mr. Reed backed his truck into the landfill beside a vehicle owned and operated by Defendants. Mr. Reed exited his vehicle to open the rear door of his truck and begin dumping. The 700-pound door on the defendant's truck beside him unexpectedly flew open, striking Mr. Reed and pinning him to the ground. Plaintiffs claimed that Defendants were negligent in that they failed to properly secure the safety latch, which was designed to keep the door from opening. Defendants did not admit responsibility, and countered that the door opening was out of their control. Mr. Reed severely injured his lumbar back, resulting in a disc fusion surgery on the L4-5 vertebrae. Mr. Reed was permanently disabled by the injury and unable to return to work driving his dump truck.

Settled for $550,000.00.

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