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Pell City is located in the north-central section of Alabama and is one of the county seats for St. Clair County. The other seat is Asheville. According to the most recent census, there were 12,939 people, 5,801 households, and 3,698 families living in Pell City. It was home to the Avondale Mills and the legacy it left behind, the Avondale Mill Historic District.

In 1902, Sumter Cogswell built the Pell City Manufacturing Company, which eventually became Avondale Mills—a system of textile mills. The Avondale Mills was operational until 2006. Now, it is the area known as the Avondale Mills Historic District and is architecturally significant, as it has the first sawtooth-roofed mill in Alabama. The mill and the surrounding village are registered on the National Register of Historic Places. The mill actually burned in 2008 while it was being dismantled for scrap metal.

Although Avondale Mills is no longer functioning, Pell City's citizens still primarily earn their living through manufacturing, with 21% of the population in that line of work. Because of the inherent dangers in the manufacturing business, on-the-job injuries often occur in Pell City. As a matter of fact, when the original mill burned down, a worker was hit by falling debris but thankfully survived. Falling objects, fires, equipment failure, maintaining dangerous equipment, and a host of other industrial-based activities can lead to serious injury or death. Additionally, the rest of the workforce in the city is at risk for more common on-the-job injuries such as over exertion, slip and falls, car accidents, lifting injuries, and more.

If you've been injured in Pell City or St. Clair County, be sure to call the experienced Pell City workers' compensation attorneys at Hollis, Wright & Clay, P.C. Our attorneys are highly experienced and knowledgeable regarding the state's often-complicated workers' compensation laws. In many cases, you have to use specified doctors to qualify for benefits. If you fail to comply with the Alabama workers' compensation laws after sustaining an injury, you could jeopardize all of your benefits. You can reach us here or at 844.LAW.TALK or 205.324.3600.

Pell City Employment & Economic Information

While a large percentage of Pell City's workforce is in manufacturing, the city's workers are employed by business in a wide variety of industries. Below is the percentage of the city involved in a specific line of work:
  • Manufacturing: 21.15 of the population,
  • Healthcare & Social Assistance: 15.8% of the population,
  • Accommodation & Food Services: 12.3% of the population,
  • Public Administration: 8% of the population,
  • Retail Trade: 7.6% of the population,
  • Construction: 6.6% of the population,
  • Educational Services: 4.8% of the population,
  • Professional, Scientific & Technical Services: 4.2% of the population,
  • Transportation & Warehousing: 4% of the population,
  • Administrative Support & Waste Management: 3.6% of the population,
  • Wholesale Trade: 2.7% of the population,
  • Finance & Insurance: 1.9% of the population.
Other statistics in Pell City's economy as compared to the United States as a whole are as follows:
  • Unemployment Rate: 2.5% (Pell City), 6% (U.S.),
  • Recent Job Growth: 3.7% (Pell City), 06.2% (U.S.),
  • Future Job Growth: 33.5% (Pell City), 33.5% (U.S.),
  • Sales Tax: 6% (Pell City), 6.2% (U.S.),
  • Income Tax: 5% (Pell City), 4.6% (U.S.),
  • Income per Capita: $27,644 (Pell City), $31,177 (U.S.),
  • Household Income: $45,647 (Pell City), $57,652 (U.S.),
  • Family Median Income: $58,189 (Pell City), $70,850 (U.S.).
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If you live in Pell City or its surrounding areas and have been injured in a manufacturing-related accident or any other type of on-the-job incident, be sure to call the skilled Pell City workers' compensation attorneys at Hollis, Wright & Clay, P.C. We frequently appear in the courts in St. Claire County to handle workers' compensation claims and would be proud to represent you. Rest assured that your employer will have attorneys working as soon as possible to defend the claim, so don't delay in hiring an attorney to protect your interests. We do not get paid unless we recover money for you, and our fee is capped at 15% of your total recovery.

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