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Premises Liability Case Results

Verdict For The Plaintiff In Drowning Case

Derrick Marshall, a 19 year old college athlete, drowned at a family reunion at the Roadway Inn on the Eastern Blvd. in Montgomery, Alabama. The Montgomery County Health Department had previously shut the pool down because the pool was "too cloudy." It was alleged that the hotel provided access to the pool notwithstanding the County mandate to shut down, and failed to have appropriate safety equipment to save Derrick Marshall. Derrick Marshall drowned in the deep end and was unable to be found for 10-12 minutes due to the cloudiness of the pool. Although Derrick did not die immediately after the event, he was left in a permanent vegetative state for over four (4) months. He later died as a result of his injuries in Jackson Hospital. A lawsuit was filed on September 7, 2007 against the hotel for negligence and wantonness. A general manager was later added as a party.

Verdict for the Plaintiff in the amount of $3,766,000.

Non-Confidential Settlement For The Plaintiff In a Premises Liability Death Case

A patron of a local Montgomery convenience store was getting air for his car at night. Unknown to him, just an hour earlier a hooded gunman entered the property and attempted to rob a patron without success. The convenience store had failed to call the police to report the event. As the firms victim came to the convenience store to get air, he was shot in cold blood, caught on video. The widow initiated a suit against the convenience store for failure contributing to the death of the decedent.

The firm was proud to represent the Estate of the decedent through his widow. Non-confidential settlement for $2,250,000.

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