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SEXUAL ABUSE CASES FOR VICTIMS (Lawyers handling Sexual Abuse Cases)

Hollis Wright has sexual assault lawyers to assist injured victims. Sexual abuse cases are explosive and emotional to say the least. They require a human component unlike any other litigation. And, such cases take courage and strength from the victim and their family. The firm recognizes these realities in each and every case we handle for a victim of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse cases often involve individuals in authority figures that prey on, and take advantage of, those less able to defend themselves. Children, mentally challenged persons, and work subordinates are often the prey.

The firm has represented individuals that have found themselves, or a child, in need of legal help against a sexual assaulter or a sexual predator. Children and adults of sexual abuse deal with and work through incredibly complex emotions of confusion, anger, shame and depression as they cope with the realities of sexual abuse. Hollis Wright works to restore emotional power back to the victim which was wrongfully taken by the perpetrator(s) that abused them, and the institutions that sponsored the relationships out of which the sexual abuse arose. The legal system can be used to restore such emotional power.

We know this process often takes time, patience and strength. We also know for many survivors of sexual abuse, it is a huge step even to admit to themselves, let alone to others, that such unspeakable crimes were committed against them. Sometimes the process of disclosure itself can take years, even decades. As a team, we walk with victims in these cases hand in hand. We give them a voice. We fight for them against unspeakable crimes.

Lawsuits are not for everyone, but for some sex abuse survivors, holding the sexual abusers and institutions accountable legally is an important piece of their healing. Hollis Wright wants to help sex abuse survivors in any way possible -- including confidentially discussing your legal options with you. Whether you ultimately decide to pursue justice or not, you should know what your rights are.

The firm and its lawyers have counseled victims, evaluated potential claims, and litigated cases involving several categories of sexual abuse, including:

  • Failure to distribute sex offender community notification flyers
  • Employer/employee sexual assault
  • School sexual abuse
  • Store worker sexual abuse of a patron
  • Child abuse by adults
  • Church related sexual abuse

The firm and its lawyers are honored to have represented such victims with success. Often sexual abuse cases arise out of institutions of trust -- churches, schools, youth and scouting clubs, athletic leagues and other organizations. While each case is different, of course, what they have in common is betrayal, sex abuse and deeply damaging results. Hollis Wright views its job as helping people heal -- taking back their power from the perpetrator(s).

The call to our firm is confidential. Be strong as you have legal rights! If you want to talk with someone about these type cases, please call us at 844-529-8255. Or, contact us via email.

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