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About Depakote Birth Defects and Side Effects

Depakote, also known by its generic name, divalproex sodium, is an anti-seizure medication prescribed to people suffering from epilepsy and bi-polar disorder, as well as those suffering from migraine headaches. In a 7-year study conducted at a Boston area hospital, Depakote was shown to cause major birth defects in women who took the drug while pregnant. Additionally, it has been linked to pancreatitis and hepatic failure. At the law office of Hollis Wright, we represent clients facing serious medical expenses, a lifetime of special needs and care, or disability due to the use of Depakote. Our lawyers work with economists, life care planners, and medical experts in determining the financial impact of a birth defect or serious illness associated with the use of Depakote on our clients.

For more information regarding the dangerous side effects of Depakote and the legal options available to those harmed by its use, contact the law office of Hollis Wright today. Our attorneys provide free consultations and case evaluations for parents of children and adults suffering from the side effects of Depakote.

Side Effects Associated with Depakote

The law office of Hollis and Wright represents clients in cases involving the following side effects associated with use of Depakote:

  • Pancreatitis
  • Liver failure
  • Cleft palate
  • Deformed arteries
  • Heart defects in infants
  • Malformed genitals in infants
Taking On a Pharmaceutical Giant

Depakote was developed and manufactured by Abbott Laboratories and received FDA approval in May of 1995. To date, however, even though it is known to cause birth defects and dangerous side effects, it has not been recalled by the FDA or its manufacturer. Abbott now has evidence linking its product to known medical dangers and fatalities.

At Hollis and Wright, we work with nationally recognized doctors, chemists, toxicologists, researchers, and other medical and scientific experts in making Abbott answer for the known dangers associated with use of Depakote. We have the resources needed to establish a balance of power in the courtroom, identifying a paper trail that leads to culpability and legal liability on the part of Abbott.

Recovering Compensation

Children with serious birth defects caused by Depakote face a lifetime of medical need and special care. Our attorneys project and quantify costs associated with medical equipment, surgery, prescription medication, special education, and the need to establish a trust. Our office accurately assess your pain and suffering, demanding compensation proportional to the financial need created by injuries caused by Depakote.

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