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Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices

Dangerous Drugs and Medical DevicesThousands of people are injured or killed every year by usage of and exposure to dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices and implants. Oftentimes, the dangers and hazards associated with these medical products are the result of the manufacturer failing to adequately study or test the product before bringing it to market. If you or a loved were injured or killed and suspect that the cause was exposure to a dangerous or defective drug or medical product, then you may have a legal claim and should contact an attorney at Hollis Wright immediately to discuss your personal situation.


In terms of pharmaceutical drugs, this essentially involves prescription medications, over the counter medicines, dietary and health supplements and medicines that a person might receive while in the hospital or a physician’s office. Manufacturers of these medicines are legally required to conduct extensive testing and studies prior to offering them to the general public for use and consumption. Sometimes, however, drug makers do not adequately or completely test these drugs and there is a rush to get them to market in an effort to generate revenue and capture market share. Additionally, drug makers will fail to adequately warn the people using their drugs about certain dangers or hazards associated with the product. Drug makers have also been known to market their drugs or medicines for purposes other than those for which the drug was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

If a drug maker engages in this type of unreasonable and careless conduct in terms of the medicines or drugs it places in the market and people are injured or killed, then the drug maker can be held liable and compelled to compensate the injured person or their family. The attorneys at Hollis Wright have years of experience representing individuals that were injured or killed as a result of taking defective drugs or medicines. Some of the projects currently being handled by the attorneys at Hollis Wright include:

Previously, the attorneys at Hollis Wright handled and/or successfully resolved cases on behalf of hundreds of clients that were injured or killed by:


Like manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs, medical device and implant manufacturers can also be held liable for placing dangerous or defective products on the market. These device or implant manufacturers have the same responsibilities as drug makers in terms of testing, studying and evaluating their products prior to placing them in the market. Oftentimes, the manufacturers fail to conduct adequate testing and will place a device or implant in the market that has design flaws or deficiencies. If they do so and someone is injured or killed as a result of such design defects, then they can be held liable.

Likewise, there have been many instances where a device or implant is designed appropriately but it was manufactured in a way that was not consistent with the design. When this occurs, it is known as a manufacturing defect. If the manufacturing defect causes an injury or death, then the device or implant manufacturer can be held liable.

Currently, the attorneys at Hollis Wright are working on projects involving the following devices or implants:

Previously, the attorneys at Hollis Wright handled and/or successfully resolved cases on behalf of hundreds of clients that were injured or killed by:

If you or a loved one were injured or killed as a result of a defective drug, medical device or medical implant, then contact the attorneys at Hollis Wright now for a free, initial consultation to protect your rights. These cases can be complex and anyone considering such a claim, should only speak with an attorney that has extensive experience in this area. Contact us now at 205-324-3600 or 844-529-8255.

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